How To Leave Windows Insider Program For Windows 10

We just got an e-mail from our follower with a subject, How to leave Windows Insider Program? Can this be done? We replied with an answer saying Yes! and following instructions to opt out from Windows 10 Insider Program.

Windows 10 Insider Program was largest OS beta testing Microsoft had ever done. Hundred of thousand loyal insider helped Redmond Giant making Windows 10 public release with least number of bugs. In-fact MS got millions of feedback, suggestions and bug reports thus making Win 10 smoothest OS ever.

According to known peoples, newly released Windows 10 Build 14393 is the Anniversary Update. Anniversary Update (code-named Redstone 1) whose public release is fixed to 2 August is believed to be first major update for its new operating system. With the arrival of Anniversary Update many of insiders are wondering If they can exit the Insider program now? Answer is obviously yes – let’s see how.

How To Leave Windows Insider Program


To exit the Windows 10 Insider program from PC / tablet :

  1. Head to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Insider Program .
  2. Click Stop builds Insider Preview .
  3. You see the message Loading – wait.
  4. Click You have to completely stop receiving build Insider Preview?
  5. Will appear the question Are you ready to stop the build Insider reception? Read to reports carefully and click Confirm .
  6. You see the message Stop builds Insider Preview . Keep reading below and click Restart now .
  7. The PC / tablet will restart.

After the restart, go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Insider Program and make sure you had a successful exit from the insider program.

By all means, you still have the option to rejoin the Insider Program anytime you want through official site. Let us know in the comments section below if you will be staying in the Insider Program or leaving it after anniversary update.

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