Leaked screenshots of Windows 9 build 9834

Microsoft wants no stone left unturned for Windows 9 release. Redmond giants are working hard to implement a variety of innovations, including among other things a new start menu for desktop users, the ability to use modern apps in windowed mode and also a multi-desktop feature. Now we present you very first leaked screenshots of Windows 9 Technical Preview Build 9834.

11Windows 9 Technical Preview Build 9834Windows 9 Technical Preview : First images Windows 9 Technical Preview Build 9834 Windows 9 Technical Preview : First images Windows 9 Technical Preview : First imagesIn the screenshots one can see new Start menu in the classic view – which reminds similarities with Windows 7 and in some earlier versions. You can also notice the live tiles of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are combined in newer builds. Also, to see how apps from the Windows Store can be used in a window mode now. Windows Explorer and is now also boasts a notification system, as we know it from Windows Phone.

Till date, Microsoft has not publicly announced or hinted on the naming of the next version of Windows, the trial itself bears simply the name ” Windows Technical Preview “. Older screenshots of the development version still bore the name “Windows 8.1 Pro”. But we strongly expect latest version to be named Windows 9.


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