How to create .ISO of Windows 10 from the official .ESD file

Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 update for everyone. If you have had reserved your copy, just check the  C:\$windows.~BT folder on your windows 8.1 computer and you’ll find a 3gb install.esd inside it. Many of us prefer to do a clean install instead of upgrading over previous one. Since we got hte hold of install.esd file which is highly encrypted and Microsoft doesn’t want you to encrypt for various reasons, we’ve found a way to bypaas this restriction.

windows 10 esd to iso

We need a esd decrypter (download link below) to decode the file and convert it in to ISO so we can make a DVD installer or USB installer. Following are the instructions to to convert Windows 10 install.esd in to DVD ISO.


Step 1. Download the esd-decrypter-v6.7z decryption tool from the link given below.

Step 2. Extract the zip file and move it’s contents to a folder with proper path. (e.g. C:\ESD)
Step 3. Copy/Move the downloaded ESD file to the same folder. (e.g. C:\ESD)

Note : It’s recommended to temporary disable Antivirus or protection program so it doesn’t interfere with the process.

Step 4. Watch the following video first for better understanding.

Step 5. Open the folder where you placed .esd file and decrypter you downloaded above. Right click on decrypt file and click on Run As Administrator.

Step 6.  if all goes well, you will get the following screen.

esd decrypter 6.5

Step 7. Now you have five options to press 1, 2, 3,4 or 5 key, for our purpose we’ll press 1 to convert ESD file to the standard ISO file like MSDN’s one.

  1. First option will substantially convert ESD file to a regular ISO distribution that contains standard install.wim file. We are going to use this one.
  2. Second option is similar to the first, but it will use and contain highly compressed install.esd file
  3. Third option will will create a single install.wim file, which you can use with any ISO you already have for the same product and same version or to use it for manual apply using dism/wimlib
  4. Fourth option is similar to the third, but it will create install.esd file, which can be used just like install.wim
  5. Fifth to just decrypt the ESD file for informational purpose only.

Step 8. Now sit back, relax and watch. It may take up to 20 – 40 minutes, depends upon your hardware.

Step 9. Once the process finishes, go to C:/ESD and you’ll find an ISO file, you can burn this on to a DVD or make a bootable USB drive.

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  1. cape town airport says:

    tanx for dl and works 100%, only to burn to disc now. tanx

  2. the download link is not working ,please help

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